Immerse yourself in complete relaxation while you get your manicure & pedicure done in our state of the art zero gravity reclining massage chairs with heated option.  We've put a lot of thought into creating an experience that combines quality, comfort, and cleanliness so that you can focus on relaxing.


  • Eliminates risks associated with cross contamination & infections with water-borne bacteria that may lurk in improperly cleaned water basins & whirlpool pedi spas, or from simply soaking in your own water debris. To read more about this, click here.

  • Dr. recommended for individuals with medical immunity concerns (i.e. diabetics & patients undergoing cancer treatments or other heightened immunodeficiency concerns). 

  • Special combination of products and application allow for maximum moisturizing of your hands and feet.  Soaking in warm water for more than a few minutes can dry out your skin, contrary to what one would expect.  Allows optimal product  absorption when skin has not been over-saturated from a soak.

  • Nail techs can better address problematic areas that would be otherwise masked  if hands or feet are saturated.

  • Longer lasting polish.  Did you know that your nail beds expand when soaked in water?  If polish is applied before your nail beds have fully retracted, the likelihood that your polish will chip is increased due to the flex created in the polish.

  • Eco friendly water conservation.  Saves up to 15 gallons of water per service.


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