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At Mani Pedi at the Isle, we believe that education is key, and knowledge is power.  You know yourself & your body best.  We want to be your partner, and when possible, to provide you with information so that together, we can nurture your health & beauty through education and facts.

Bacteria in shared polish?

Is it possible to transmit germs or bacteria via polish?

A Study

Investigation of the potential for microbial contamination in nail polish

White spots

What do the white spots on your nails mean?

Toenail Problems & Treatment

What's causing my toenail problems & how do I treat it?


Did you know, 99.9% of pedicure basins are not properly disinfected according to health and safety protocols. Basins must soak in hospital grade disinfectant for a minimum of 10 minutes after each customer.

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