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Classic | 26

Includes nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, and a light hand massage with a lavender hand protection crème with zinc oxide that will soothe your hands and calm your skin as it protects it from the damages of the sun and environment. 

Almond Milk Bath | 40

Exhale. Escape. Relax. Designed to strengthen nails & focus on cuticle detailing. Hands are first nourished in a warm soak blended with almond oil, jojoba oil & vitamin E that transforms into a moisturizing milk bath. Nails will be trimmed, shaped & cuticles will be meticulously detailed. Hands will be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells while a paraffin treatment locks in moisture. A strengthening nail growth stimulator will be applied under your polish.

Princess | 12

(children 12 under)

Your Highness’ nails will be cut, shaped and trimmed. A shimmering lotion is then applied followed by a color of her choice. She will be delighted as her thumbs will be graced with nail art to end.

Milk & Honey | 34

Unveil the radiance of your hands with this escape to the land of milk & honey. We start off with your classic manicure to include nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle cleaning. Your hands are then exfoliated to softly remove dead skin cells and lastly  rinsed off with a moisturizing milk bath. A milk & honey crème will restore moisture while you relax with a hand massage. Sensuous!

Back to Basics | 45

Whether you need a break or just tired of wearing your artificial nails, allow us to gently remove your enhancements and recondition your nails as you transition them back to their natural state. After removal, hands will be manicured, rehydrated with a paraffin wrap, protected with an environmental hand protection crème, and nails fortified with a nail growth stimulator to aid in the recovery. We will send you home with your own bottle of nail strengthener for continued home maintenance.

Anti Aging | 40

Turn back the hands of time with this ultra intense hydrating treatment. Hands are painted with a deep dermal transforming wrap infused with a cocktail of antioxidants that will aid in the regeneration of skin’s appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. To follow is a creme infused massage that will leave your hands silky soft inside and out.

Gel/Shellac | 50

Want a longer lasting manicure?  Add a gel polish to our Classic Manicure above for a longer lasting shiny finish. Once it’s set and done, you’re all dry and absolutely no worries of smudging your polish. Pick your color from our wide selection of hundreds of colors from SHELLAC, OPI and more. 

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